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Mentions of the Lanes and Kings Bromley in Anne Bagot’s Diary- an Appendix to ‘Agnes, The Little Queen of Kings Bromley’

Anne Bagot’s diary covers the twenty-two-year period from May 1819, when she was 45, to June 1841. She never married, and died in 1847. During this time she lived in the Cathedral Close, Lichfield, in a substantial house with up to four servants. Latterly she could afford to keep a horse and a small carriage. She had been provided for, most probably by her father, with a comfortable income from an annuity; on her death she also owned some consols (bonds) and railway shares and her sister Honora gave her money enough for an extra servant.

The Anti-Slavery Debate Around Lichfield

Anna Seward, the Clapham Sect, the Lunar Society, Yoxall Lodge and Kings Bromley.
The area around Lichfield was the scene for intense arguments at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries. On the one hand, families such as the Newtons of Kings Bromley and, after 1794, the Lanes of Kings Bromley were slave owners and therefore anti-abolitionists. On the other hand groups such as the Clapham Sect, which included William Wilberforce and Thomas Gisborne of Yoxall Lodge, and the Lunar Society which included Erasmus Darwin and, on its fringes, Anna Seward of Lichfield were abolitionists.