Newly Discovered Lane Artifacts

A recent website article reported on a copy of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ containing Arthur Lane’s bookplate. This has been in the possession of Carol Dawson for some years:

We now have some photos of a Lane dish that is now in Nina Jackson's possession. It was found in Tom Grundy's shed after he died over thirty years ago.  Tom Grundy was Alan Jackson's (Nina's late husband) grandfather.

In 2014 Peggy Astwood, who has Lane ancestors, came all the way from New Zealand to research her family tree. Unfortunately we could find no connection with the Lanes of Kings Bromley, (which is not to say there is none), but she did have photographs of Lane cutlery which were in her family’s possession:

The two large spoons, the small spoon and the large fork are sterling silver, London city mark, maker Elizabeth Eaton, date 1850. The small spoon is the same but date 1849. These 5 items are clearly from the same set. The small fork is sterling silver, London city mark, maker George Jackson & David Fullerton, date 1903. The middle size fork is a mystery, as it has no sterling silver mark. The Lane roan horse can be seen on all but the larger fork.
We think it likely that the book, the dish and the cutlery were all sold in the auction of the Manor contents in 1928, just before the building itself was pulled down. If anyone else out there has any other old artifacts that they think Kings Bromley Historians would be interested in, please let us know.