Talks on research and guided tours undertaken by the Kings Bromley Historians

Over the last few years members of the Kings Bromley historians have provided talks on the research we have undertaken, and carried out guided historical tours of the village. If your organisation or society might be interested in booking talks or guided tours please get in touch.

Below is a list of the available talk topics by Kings Bromley historians:

1. Kings Bromley and the World War II Evacuees
2. Kings Bromley During the First World War
3. The Anti Slavery Debate in the Kings Bromley Area – Yoxall Lodge, The Clapham Sect, Anna Seward and the Lunar Men
4. The Lanes and the Lucys – Charlecote and Kings Bromley
5. A Pictorial Record of the First Three Generations of the Lanes of Kings Bromley
6. Agnes Lane, The Little Queen of Kings Bromley
7. The Gardens of Kings Bromley Hall
8. Kings Bromley and Barbados
9. Lilian Bromley Davenport

An up to date list of talks can be found on our Publications etc. page here.

For prices and availability please ring Allan Howard on 01543 472720, or contact through the website.