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A Colliery in Kings Bromley!

We have just transcribed a letter from a mining engineer to the Lord of the Manor, John Newton Lane, in 1830. It suggests there might be a workable coal seam under Kings Bromley Common. If you think HS2 is bad, consider a pit village at Alrewas Hays, or even nearer. However, it might have transformed the local economy.

Gerald Armson's Book

Gerald Armson [1901-1982]  was the much loved doctor from the Brook House, Yoxall, practice who covered the Kings Bromley district. His father, Charles James Armson [1873-1959], was  surgeon in Yoxall (for 63 years) before him and his father Charles Greasley  Armson [1836-1905] was surgeon in Yoxall (for 43 years)  before him. All three are buried and memorialised in Yoxall church.